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Written by: Senior Research Associate Jeremy Korn and Research Vice President Nick PatienceMany organizations are underprepared for the demands AI and machine learning applications will place on their infrastructure, but they are prepared to spend money to change that situation. Those are just a couple of conclusions we can draw from our new Voice of the Enterprise: AI and Machine Learning Infrastructure 2019 survey. Almost half (45%) of enterprises indicate that their current AI infrastructure will not be able to meet future demands (see Figure 1), which prompts a few questions:?Why is that??What do they propose to do about it??Are they prepared to spend money to fix the problem?Figure 1Why is that?Broadly speaking, data is the reason infrastructure needs to be overhauled to deliver AI at scale, with 89% of respondents in our survey saying they expect the volume of data in using the machine learning workloads to increase in the next year, and almost half projecting an increase of 25% or more. Much of that growth will come from unstructured data, since the most transformative use cases of AI and machine learning involve gaining insight from unstructured data, be it text, images, audio or video. What do they propose to do about it?Organizations understand that, for them to take advantage of AI at scale, it is not simply a case of scaling existing infrastructure. New infrastructure is needed to cope with the demands of machine learning workloads, including new scalable storage, dedicated accelerators and low-latency networks. These need to be deployed across a variety of execution venues.Enterprises also express a variety of concerns about their AI infrastructures, from the security of these systems to the opacity of data management capabilities. Overhauling AI infrastructure demands more than just buying better hardware; it will require new tools and updates to architectural paradigms.Are they prepared to spend money to fix the problem?Yes, they are. Our survey shows that 83% of responding enterprises say they will expand AI infrastructure budgets next year, with 39% of those projecting an increase of 25% or more. Spending on cloud-based AI platforms will lead the charge, with 89% of respondents planning to increase spending on them in the next year. Our Voice of the Enterprise: AI and Machine Learning Infrastructure 2019 survey contains a lot more data on subjects such as spending decision-makers, the specific points in the machine learning process that put strain on infrastructure, the types of AI-specific infrastructure components organizations are looking to buy, the areas in which skill shortages are most acute, and how often and where machine learning models are trained and deployed. For more insight, check out this free Market Insight report.]]> (Cassandra Rowe) Research & Data Tue, 27 Aug 2019 19:19:46 +0000
AI - 451 Research - Analyzing the Business of Enterprise IT Innovation 365体育滚球Much the way Winter has come for the Game of Thrones heroes in the new season (we promise this is the only Game of Thrones reference and we will not share any spoilers), there is talk spreading in the tech industry that Integrated Automation has come to displace tools like robotic process automation (RPA). We certainly don’t disagree, in fact we predicted back in 2017 that RPA companies would likely not survive as a stand-alone vendors.

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Written by: Nick Patience, 451 Research Founder and Research Vice President ?Software

AI ?and machine learning in particular ?is set to be the most transformative technology existing over the next decade, but it’s only just getting started. 

365体育滚球We have been covering AI and machine learning at 451 Research since we started the company in 2000. Back then, we were primarily focused on text analytics around use cases in government intelligence scenarios and, in the future, in the legal industry. We branched out from there as additional information types ?such as audio speech, images and video ?became viable data types from which machine learning can extract insights. To enhance our coverage of this vast and evolving space, we launched our inaugural survey on the topic: Voice of the Enterprise: AI & Machine Learning survey ?Adoption, Drivers and Stakeholders 2018. 

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AI - 451 Research - Analyzing the Business of Enterprise IT Innovation
Next up in our “Prepping for HCTS ?Q&A?series, I spoke with Research Vice President Matt Aslett. Matt has overall responsibility for the data platforms and analytics coverage and he last presented at HCTS in 2013.Q: What will you be discussing in this session?A: Our research shows that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the highest priorities for enterprises and service providers as they seek to deliver data-driven efficiencies and competitive advantage ?29% of survey respondents ranked ML/AI as a priority for 2018 and 12% of respondents currently use these technologies (See Figure 1).AI and ML fundamentally change the relationship between humans and computers, because tasks thought previously beyond computers ?and thus solely the preserve of humans ?are rapidly becoming possible using software. In fact, 47% of survey respondents say they plan to use AI and machine learning within the next two years. I’ll be talking about 451’s perspective on AI and ML, the potential they have to drive significant long-term change, as well as the likely immediate impact on infrastructure and service provision in particular.Q: Why should HCTS attendees find this session valuable/what can they hope to gain? A: 451 Research believes that artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize not only the software industry, but also the way we live, work, learn and play. And yet, while the long-term implications of AI are truly revolutionary, the initial improvements are likely to appear relatively routine and narrow. This dichotomy has the potential to create disillusionment but is par for the course in terms of the history of technological revolution. Humanity’s ability to perceive the future is often limited by our current reality and a tendency to simultaneously over-estimate short-term gains while underestimating long-term implications. Within this context, we’ll discuss some of the anticipated benefits of AI and machine learning for infrastructure and service provision in particular: from automating IT service desks to ensuring data centers are run as efficiently as possible to capacity forecasting. The potential to apply these technologies is so vast that the challenge can be knowing where to deploy resources first. As such, we’ll also provide a practical guide to early AI use-cases and examples, 451 Research’s five-step process for success with machine learning and cover key questions such as: Why now for AI and machine learning and how to get started?How and AI and ML help me run my data centers more efficiently?How can elements of IT service provision be automated using AI and ML?Q: Why are you excited to attend this year’s HCTS?A: HCTS is always a great event with a mixture of interesting and educational content as well as the ability to socialize with like-minded decision-makers and thought-leaders. As usual, there’s a great agenda with interesting presentations and discussions involving both 451 Research analysts and industry luminaries. This year’s event promises to be particularly interesting given the emergence of the age on consumption, as well as the confluence of multiple industry trends, including cloud, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.To hear Matt discuss applications for AI within the enterprise, register for HCTS 2018 which will be held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, September 24-26. Keep an eye out for the other posts in our ongoing series, including our Q&A with William Fellows. Figure 1 from Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE) ?Digital Pulse: Budgets and Outlooks 2017]]> (Cassandra Rowe) Events Wed, 01 Aug 2018 15:21:17 +0000